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Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends, we’re so glad you could attend, come inside, come inside…” Those lyrics from ELP1 were never more true than now as we welcome everyone to the Anderson Family web site!

This site is dedicated to all the Anderson and our related families as we become larger and subsequently more geographically dispersed across the globe. Here we share personal photographs, a sort-of on-line journal, and generally post the things we want the world to know about us. Hopefully too, this site allows the various family branches to find each other again through contact, get to know one another and to build a “living” Family Tree.

Family Tree Update: Though we’ve had to remove the on-line version of the Family Tree, we’re still keeping a private Tree up-to-date and more than willing to share with family members. Click here to join our quest to make a complete Family Tree.

Look at this as a little window to see a part of our activities, our family adventures, our thoughts and our triumphs. Sometimes you might just enjoy the ride, hopefully you’ll comment, but also sometimes disagree and we don’t mind comments there too. One thing you can’t do is not enjoy, that’s a rule!

As a family, we look forward to our dinners together to enjoy good food. Here is where we wind down from our individually hectic schedules and brag about each others accomplishments during that day. It is also the time we voice our opinions and make great plans for future adventures and projects. Take it from us; dinners together make life enjoyable from start to finish!

Meet the Andersons…

Who Are We?

We are the Andersons from Southern California — Candice, Chris, and Debbie. We prefer our yearly adventures to the daily routines of life, however, right now Chris continues to develop Candice, Chris and Debbie. 2009 web sites and consulting from his home-office here in Redondo Beach. If you are interested in his services, go to his web site.

Debbie loves to cook and continues with her Supper Club endeavors and bi-weekly Walking Group. Together they help her “maintain an even-strain” at the doctor’s office where she manages everything from soup to nuts, literally. Not always the easiest of chores, for sure!

Candice attends middle school now and continues to excel in all areas at school. This year Candice decided to volunteer to act as a Stage Manager for the school play, “Guys and Dolls, Jr.” She had such a good time and was such a great addition to the staff, the director demanded she return next year to help with the play regardless of what, when, where, or how!

In addition to regular exercise at school, during the week Candice is studying Shaolin Kempo (a mixture of Chinese Kung-fu and Japanese Kempo) and will soon attend another Winter Tournament, this time in Nevada. After taking a two year break, Candice decided about a year ago to get back into Candice - Blue belt. 2011the sport she loves. At first, she had to more or less relearn most of what she had been taught at her previous dojo. Soon she will be ready to test for her next rank. Aside from her private lessons, she is practicing sparing, her forms and weapons skills in preparation for an up-coming tournament. We’ll let you know more later on how it went.

Note: As the study of Martial Arts is for defense and very personal, it is neither prudent nor proper to go into more detail on anything other than a personal level.

Aside from being an active 13 year old, Candice still finds time to read (currently she’s reading the “Percy Jackson” series’ by Rick Riordan) and play Minecraft with her friends on a local server we’ve set-up.

Calling All Andersons!

This site is maintained by one small portion of the western branch of the Anderson family tree. It’s for all of us, and all those relatives we are finding throughout the world. Please make sure your branch is represented. We want to know what’s going on with you — wherever that may be.

ANDERSON CrestAnd now for some history: to the best of our knowledge, the Anderson [Andersson] clan originates from somewhere in Sweden. “Arrrgh,” Vikings to be sure! Not unlike other Swedish clans, you can now find Anderson descendants scattered across the globe in Europe, North America, Africa, Asia, and Australia. Andersons are or have been Artists, Military Pilots, Diplomats, Statesmen, Farmers, Ranchers, Executives, Store Clerks, Scientists, Conquerors and even Villains to name a few occupations. Whichever we’ve chosen, it certainly isn’t boring!

We’ve had to remove the Family Tree from this site to avoid unscrupulous people from using any bits or pieces of information from our Tree for identity theft. It’s unfortunate that this has become the “theft du jour” in America. However have no fear, I am still gathering and updating family information privately. I will certainly share it with you if you contact me with your request.

So, if you are an Anderson [Andersson] or Johansson [Johansson] or Kjëllgren or Watterlund (of Calif.; Falköping, Sweden; or Rockford, Illinois), Caldwell, McMullin, Harper or Reeves (of Calif. or New England), Swanson, Weatherill, Gonzales (of Calif. or New Mexico), Abeyta or Vigil (of Calif.; Denver, Colorado; or Santa Fe, New Mexico), or Wever or Garner (of Calif. or Iowa), please contact us with your story. Let’s see if we’re related!

Kjellgren family photo. (Unknown date)Do you recognize anyone from this photo?
If so, please contact us! (Click to enlarge)

  1. Lyrics from “Karn Evil 9,” ©1973 Keith Emerson, Carl Lake and Peter Sinfield (former lyricist for King Crimson), from the album Brain Salad Surgery by Emerson, Lake & Palmer [ELP].
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